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Product description

  • Yard is a seating collection made up of chairs, stools and armchairs in ash wood.
  • The feature that unites all three of these models is the large upholstered backrest that gives great comfort to the product.
  • The seat upholstery is framed by a structure that is very solid and sturdy, yet with a light and multiform aspect.
  • The contemporary language that distinguishes the line is warmed by carefully chosen colours and finishes: the wooden material has finishes and natural tones that emphasise its veins and expert artisan craftsmanship.
  • The seat and backrest have  generous and welcoming dimensions, are both high and comfortable, Yard chairs has unusual qualities in the market of reference.
  • The design for this barstool seeks out the ideal combination of lightness and sturdiness, practicality and elegance, comfort and compactness.‎ 
  • The solution is a versatile proposal that is both distinctive and original, with large upholstered surfaces, framed by a skillfully prepared slender solid wood frame.‎

Product details

Width 54
Height 112
Depth 53
Seat height 78
Frame Ash Wood
Upholstery 0.55m
Volume 0.37
Weight 7.6kg

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