How to take care of upholstery fabrics?

Leather upholstery:



Leather is most of the times easy to clean or maintain.
If you follow some everyday steps,steps the leather furniture can last a lifetime.
vacuumFirst of all, you have to vacuum it once in a while to reduce the accumulation of dirt.
cloth Secondly, wipe it down with a clean and soft cloth to remove dust. Maybe, take a light color cloth to see when you took off the dust and to be sure that you don’t deposit more dirt.
conditionerUse a leather conditioner regularly, once every 6-7 months.
In case of a spill, spill   wipe it off quickly, with a dry cloth.

soap water xDo not use water and soap, or any cleaning products that are not especially for leather.

sun xTry not to keep the leather furniture right in the sun because it will damage it.
This rule goes for the rest of the fabrics also.

Another kind of upholstery:



For other fabrics, be careful with the spills. If it happens, clean it right away.
toxicDon’t use any hard cleaner ( toxic chemicals), just the ones who are specially made for that type of material.

vacuum Vacuum it every week so the dirt doesn’t go in the fiber.

On the upholstery materials, it usually is a code, for cleaning:
W means that the material has to be cleaned with water.
S means that the material had to be cleaned with solvent or dry cleaning product.
X means that the material had to be vacuumed or gently brushed.
Before using any products for cleaning, make a test in a spot that is not that visible.
ink stainInk stains are the hardest to remove. Do not scrub, just wipe gently.
If you want your furniture to last a very long period of time, invest in quality materials.
Further, you can see an innovative type of material for upholstery. You can forget about
stains:      Innovative fabrics