Alte Weinschenke, multiple level restaurant with a great design

Alte Weinschenke is located in the pedestrian area of Meerbusch, in an old building. A beautiful mixture between modern and traditional, where you can even see the cracks in the pillars.

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It is spread on 3 levels, which makes it really large and spacious. Every area transmits a different mood.

At the first floor there is a relaxing and cozy place, composed of large, comfortable benches and in the middle of the restaurant, we can find a fireplace transmitting the same feeling. Warm colors, decorations and even how the light hits the walls and tables are important design elements. The general ambiance is making people feel very welcomed and have a great dining experience.

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At the second floor, there is the bar area and tables with elegant chairs, designed in the same manner as the rest of the restaurant. The design hasn’t been constrained by the historical building’s space so the elements are combined in such a way that the result is stunning. If the guests want some privacy, at this level there is a room with tall windows to enjoy the view and on the other side, panels made with bottles of wine.

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The underground floor where the curved walls, the lights, table, chairs, and all the other elements create a more intimate atmosphere. For a private and romantic dinner, this place is perfect.

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When designing and creating the concept for this restaurant, there were so many things to consider: functionality, spatially, operationally and more others.

Alte Weinschenke is a multilevel restaurant and each floor gives the guests a unique experience, yet having a connection between them. Despite the challenges, all the decisions and creative solutions were taken in order to create a historical, cozy and elegant feeling.