Quality products that will make your lounge area shine

1. Myra

A beautiful armchair suitable for lounge areas, restaurants or bistros, having smooth curved lines and thin legs. Providing exceptional durability, this piece of furniture is made out of beech wood and polyurethane lacquer. Having the finest quality materials, Myra can be customized in various ways so it can complete any interior.




2. Dove armchair and sofa

The seat cushion and back made from highly resilient foam makes Dove one of the most comfortable armchair and sofa. Design features a unique wide back and slightly curved at the endings. Both the armchair and sofa offer unique possibilities of personalization, having a wide range of professional fabrics that you can choose from. The decorative buttons from the high back can be in contrast with the rest of the fabrics. All of the elements combined, create a modern armchair and sofa with a touch of retro style. You can make your interior stand out using this fabulous pieces of furniture with bold and bright colors.



3. Augusto bench

If you choose a more elegant look Augusto bench can make any interior, special. With a pleasing design and aesthetic value, this product will complete an elegant lounge area. The seat and back are both curved and the fabrics combined with small thin beech wood legs make Augusto very appealing. A wide range of fabrics for commercial use are available for customizing this product. It can make any lobby shine.



4. Tess Armchair and Tess Sofa

The Tess armchair and sofa have fine geometrical beech wood frames with a distinctive wooden headrest. The wooden structure enhances the design by creating a modern contrast between the comfortably upholstered parts and the contouring frame. The products can be personalized by choosing any type of fabrics or genuine leather.


5. Demetrio Armchair and Demetrio Sofa

Even if you can’t see a difference between the home products and contract furniture every little detail has to be considered when producing a piece of furniture that will be used intensely. The structure has to be hardwood, the foam has to be high density, the wooden parts have to be treated with a special polyurethane lacquer for an enhanced protection, the inner structure has to be reinforced and the upholstery must be specially created for the contract market, being resistant to friction. Beyond the technical features that make these items suitable for a contract location, comfort is the main characteristic that makes it ideal for a lounge area. The wing backrest, the seat and back cushions mold perfectly on the body ensuring a cozy embrace feeling.



6. Cheese Ottoman

The Cheese Ottomans are more than distinctive design pieces, they are the ideal solution for a less spacious lounge area. They are comfortable and fun because they can be produced in endless variations: different fabric types, different patterns, with or without buttons on the back.