How the design process works at P&M furniture?

I First step- Plan

For the first step, we’re going to take it slow so we can meet each other.

Just like a first date, we are learning about your desires, hobbies and everything you have in mind for your dream location and you are going to find out how our company works, what is the entire design process and exactly how that might help you.

We sit down with you and in a day we discuss the budget, timeline and we make a strategical plan.



II Second step- Layout

Layout 2D or how we like to call it, stretching. This step refers to the part of the design where we calculate the number of products that fit in the location. After having all the measurements of the location, we can tell you exactly where and how to arrange the products.

This only takes a few hours and some customers prefer only the layout, but we advise you to take the whole project. In this way, you will be able to see all the details.



III Third step- Product selection

We now begin the workout. Depending on the type of the location it is: bar/hotel/coffee house/restaurant, we make a rigorous selection of products.

The ideas are building up and the dreamy location feels more and more reality. Each interior is unique, specially designed for you and the products are all custom-made. We review the final selection together and see whatever works and whatever doesn’t.



IV Fourth step – 3D drawings

This step is referring to the 3D drawings. From now on, your interior will rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

You can now see and feel the heart and the character of the place. After working on all the necessary details and arrangements, we put everything together.





V Fifth step- Materials and colors

For the workout to be complete, we have this step referring to the materials and colors selection. We have experts that can choose the ideal textures and materials for your interior. This part consists of knowing which are the trends, what goes with what, incorporating the best practices and introducing solutions with high quality and reliability.

Our wide selection of over 100 different professional fabrics offers the possibility to create unique custom models.

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VI The sixth and final step of the design process is the offer for your interior. We always keep in mind the considered budget and if we top that we usually have other solutions. It is important for us to have our customers pleased with the design and in accordance with the allocated budget.

We are motivated when we are making a design just like in a workout. When we are tired, we push harder and harder so we can get the best possible result.

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Also, after passing through all of this steps we have the process of realization/implementation.

This is the best part of our company, you just have to contact us and everything will be taking care of.