7 benefits of choosing a Horeca professional contractor

1. Knows the importance of space planning

Not all the interior designers know that when designing, for example, a restaurant, there are specific rules for furniture arrangement. It is tricky when having to consider all the details regarding the building, windows, the type of service and the ergonomics.

How many of you went to a restaurant and didn’t have enough space between the table next to you? Or sitting at a table that is too close to the restroom or to the kitchen?

Creating a seating plan is crucial for the success of a restaurant/coffee house or hotel because if the customers feel uncomfortable once, they will surely not come back. The designer has to combine the looks with the functionality.


Booth Seating for Apostrophe Cafe, London

In this photo, we can see that the booth is a little bit too close to the table. The right way would be for the booth to be placed at the edge of the table but not closer. The right dimension between tables should be of minimum 75 cm.

Full resolution 71

Grande Étoile, Dusseldorf

This is an example of a proper seating plan.

2. Works on your budget

Every client has an idea of what the budget limit is. Since an interior designer has experience in this business, he should know the possibilities, what to suggest and how to get the proper solution for the customer’s desires. A smart way of allocating the budget is to set a limit for every service or product.

Budget Newspaper Clipping

3. Everything you need is in one place

The secret of a successful project is to find a company that can manage the complete interior in order to stay in the budget.  From concept and design to measurements, planning, offers, project management, professionals for choosing the materials, colors, furniture and of course the implementation/execution.


 4. Offers unique ideas and best solutions for your interior

Very rare it happens to find the perfect location and layout to fit your business needs. Therefore it’s the designer’s role to come up with solutions to fit all the wanted equipment, to provide the best layout configuration.


Interior design project, made by P&M furniture

5. Knows the latest trends

Every year, trends are changing and also the design of your location should incorporate new trends into the project’s concept. 2017 was the year of greenery and the natural moss. The trend had an impact on both the contract and the residential market. This year, we can identify as trend elements: gold and brass, wallpapers, bold patterns and also vintage elements.

An interior designer has to bring unique ideas and combine what the client wishes and objectives with trendy elements to anchor the project into the public’s preferences.


6. Cost effective and quality-oriented project

The best solution to complete your project within the budget is to hire a professional contractor.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the market and a contractors purchasing department, can offer you a detailed quotation for your projects without unpleasant surprises.

The contractor considers the planned budget and comes up with solutions to meet the given requirements. It is a very transparent process in which the customer is always in control.

This point is related to point 3. If you make a contract with a company that has everything you will get a great deal. Not having to pay separately for each service, helps your budget and also the company knows better how to get solutions if they started from 0.

In this business, the quality of the products and the quality of the work implementing the design is very important. Having custom made and unique products that can draw attention and make the location pop out is the key to success.


7.  The last but maybe the most important point is having experience in the hospitality sector.  Years of experience are the strong point that usually makes a difference when choosing a certain company.

P&M furniture has an experience of 30 years in the hospitality business, with more than 30 complete interior projects. Each year we dedicate ourselves more and more to this kind of projects, we developed an aptitude and we have combined all the elements in order to get the best possible result.

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