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Product description

    • A collection of upholstered seating, a play between stitchwork, sculpted mass, and measured attention to thicknesses.
    • Here’s a seating with a strong character. Stylish pieces, able to include within their elegance that informal touch which renders them eclectic and multi-faceted.
    • A collection comprising chair, lounge and barstool.
    • The Wood version matches up the upholstered shell with a turned beech base, making it ideally suited to a formal dining area with contemporary taste.
    • Steel frame, mat lacquered

    Product details

    Width 61
    Height 77
    Depth 52
    Seat height 49
    Frame Steel
    Upholstery 1 m
    Volume 0.26 m /1 pcs
    Weight 9.7 kg
    3D Model Yes

    Available options


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