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Product description

  • Sitting in the comforting embrace of your Koala chair, your will forget all about the rigidness of more conventional furniture. The joyfulness of its colors and playful curves lets your imagination comfortably slip away. Enjoy!
  • The inner structure of the shell and seat are made of rigid polyurethane POLSTRONG ®, entirely moulded in cold-cure polyurethane. POLSTRONG ® challenges the thickness limits imposed by a traditional metal armature because of its innovative approach on the subject of inserts. Because of POLSTRONG ® Its now possible to make very thin structures that are very resistant at the same time.
  • Rotating armchair.

Product details

Width 63
Height 73/81
Depth 55
Seat height 46/54
Frame Steel
Upholstery 1.5lm
Volume 0.37
Weight 11.5kg

Available options

Product used in the following projects
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