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Product description

  • Meda BS A STK brings the fascination of shapes and details inspired by 14th-century Florentine style.
  • Stackable armchair with solid beech wood structure, upholstered solid beech backrest and upholstered plywood seat (with elastic belts) 
  • The structure of the base is available in a wide range of wood colors.
  • The upholstered back of Meda armchair is enclosed in a round wood frame which embellishes it, creating an aesthetic continuity with the frame.
  • A style reference to the ornamentation of ancient buildings and furniture.
  • The armchair is customisable, thanks to fabric or leather cover for sit or back sit or even using a fabric of customer’s choice.‎
  • This elegant, comfortable armchair with a classical design, is suitable to the most diverse contexts - classic or contemporary.

Product details

Width 61
Height 96
Depth 55
Seat height 48
Frame Beech Wood
Upholstery 0.9m
Volume 0.38
Weight 12.3kg
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