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Product description

  • A simple, modern and comfortable swivel chair with an attractive semi-circular low back
  • Low Upholstered shore chair, with 5-stem base with shock absorber and casters, these components can be black or chrome.
  • The cushioned seat is made with high-density foam to ensure a long resistance under intense wear.
  • Can be produced in a wide range of professional fabrics or synthetic leather.
  • This product can also be customized by sending in your own fabric.
  • Choose between metal or wood frame version to suit your project
  • Minerva 5R Metal is perfect for offices or conference rooms.

Product details

Width 65
Height 71.5-78.5
Depth 65
Seat height 43.5-50.5
Frame Metal
Upholstery 1.7
Volume 0.34
Weight 14.5kg
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