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Product description

  • Chair with an elegant and attractive metal frame.
  • The Sirius chairs collection has a distinctive style because of the slimline tubular structure which supports the seat and the backrest.
  • Sirius chairs fits effortlessly into any contract setting thanks to the use of sophisticated finishes and materials.
  • The frame comes in a variety of finishes, chromed, coppered, brassed or with mat black finish.
  • Can be customized by choosing from a wide range of top quality fabrics, according to client's desire.
  • Suitable for various locations: bars, hotels, casinos, pub's, coffee houses, restaurants. 
  • Sirius chair will compliment any restaurant environment

Product details

Width 43
Height 80
Depth 45
Seat height 47
Frame Metal
Upholstery 0.5m
Volume 0.514/2
Weight 8.25kg

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