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Product description

  • Tag collection satisfies the need for both ergonomics and aesthetics, with elegance and simplicity. 
  • Its design is inspired by the style of the 50’s but with a touch of absolute contemporaneity.
  • Upholstered polypropylene shell, available in mustard, red, ocean blue, brown, light gray, dark gray fabric colors.
  • You can choose from two different metal tubular bases: chrome base or mat black base.
  • Three solid, flowing and sinuous shells, also available in upholstered version, for completion with five curved metal tubular bases with wooden elements, characterized by essential design.
  • With over 500 possible forms, Tag collection, offers a wide variety of solutions, making this flexibility its strength. 
  • The range of colors proposed reflects a contemporary taste, with the possibility to add seat pads to the shells, making it possible to create numerous customized combinations.

Product details

Width 45.5
Height 81
Depth 56
Seat height 446.5
Frame Metal
Shell upholstered polypropylene
Weight 5.2kg
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