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Product description

  • Inspired by the classic style of the past or re-thought and presented in a contemporary style.
  • Beech wood frame available in mat light oak, mat walnut or dark walnut, and for an extra charge you can choose from a wider range of finishes, such as brushed white, brushed ivory, light antique walnut, metallic silver etc.
  • It has polyurethane foam padding, border braid or antique gold studs, and the upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics.
  • Available in leather, faux leather and fabric seats: carefully selected details for quality furnishings suitable for every context.
  • This luxurious sofa is comfortable, customizable, and eye catching.
  • Clement Sofa is an essential element in any environment, combining utility and elegance and also enclosing value and prestige.

Product details

Width 170
Height 93.5
Depth 97
Seat height 50
Upholstery 15.5 m
Frame Beechwood

Available options


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