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Fountain end part element

Product description

  • Timeless elegance for inside and outside, Fountain wicker furniture combines high value retention with traditional wickerwork.
  • The result is hand-woven unique piece on a sturdy steel frame.
  • All plastic fibers processed here are UV-resistant, tear-resistant and insensitive to temperature fluctuations.
  • Wicker color: Braid cinnamon
  • Textile labeling 100% acryli
  • Cushions are made from a polyacrylic upholstery which is dirt-repellent, UV-resistant and insensitive to microorganisms.
  • Cushion color: Fawn Brown.
  • Base is in stainless steel, sled shape - 85x85x14cm.
  • This chrome (18%) - nickel (10%) - steel alloy is particularly resistant to corrosion and ensures a long service life.
  • The popular series Fountain wicker furniture became a pioneer in the Modular Living sets.

Product details

Width 87
Height 73
Depth 87
Seat height 42
Frame Steel
Volume 0.6
Weight 20.5kg

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