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Product description

  • It is an outdoor armchair, for commercial use
  • Aluminium mat frame, available in several color variations:
  • Frame colors/Textylene colors:
  • champagne/light taupe                                                       
  • silver grey/light grey                                                                 
  • white/light grey                                                                         
  • charcoal/silver grey 
  • Qualified textylene fabric - UV resistant textylene fabric
  • Eco-friendly, green product, UV resistant, colorfast, stackable, easy to store and transport
  • Barium armchair feature high quality aluminum construction, light but strong, anti-rust, weather proof
  • Suitable for outdoor use, restaurant, open-air lounge bar, hotel, garden, resort, cafe, bistro, balcony, patio, swimming pool

Product details

Width 55
Height 87
Depth 56
Seat height 44
Frame Aluminium mat
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