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Product description

  • Cadry is an comfortable and easy to handle stool, with an contemporary design.
  • Available in two different heights: 65.5cm H and 75.5cm H.
  • The two high and low stools either indoor or outdoor, fit perfectly in a restaurant or in a cafe.
  • Cadry stool is a polypropylene and fiberglass monoblock characterized by lightweight, resistance to light and weatherproofing.
  • You can choose from a sober palette of colours ranges, from white to light brown and from dark brown to black, with the addition of a surprisingly elegant dark green.
  • As a complement to the collection, the indoor version features lightweight eco-leather seat paddings in matching or contrasting colours: black, coffee and cognac.

Product details

Width 42.5
Height 65.5/75.5
Depth 42.5
Seat height 65.5/75.5
Frame polypropylene
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