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Product description

  • Hola BK OS is an 108.5cm H, open shell barstool that will embrace your body at the right height, allowing you to work and relax your back at the same time.
  • Was designed with either a closed or a perforated backrest, creating an ideal stylistic continuum between indoor and outdoor furniture in order to satisfy any living-space requirement.
  • The metallic structure is painted in the exact same shade as the polypropylene shell, giving the impression of a monoblock element.
  • Available in white, black, red terracotta and olive gray.
  • The collection offers a wide range of sitting solutions, with or without armrests, and two different heights for the bar stools, which are all stackable.

Product details

Width 54
Height 108.5
Depth 52.5
Seat height 77
Frame Metal
Shell polypropylene
Weight 6.1kg
Stackable yes
Outdoor yes

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