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Product description

  • With its simple, modern and linear style, the Holla sunbed, made in aluminium, is easy to use and to move.
  • This lounger’s fabric is a water resistant textylene fabric which withstands all atmospheric agents.
  • It also comes with hidden wheels.
  • Up to 8 loungers may be stacked and come with or without a sun canopy.
  • Available colors: white/white, aluminium/white, antique iron/beige, Indian brown/beige. 
  • Holla adds a touch of originality to every kind of setting, from the beach to the swimming pool, from the private garden to large green outdoor space.

Product details

Width 202
Height 37/103
Depth 79
Frame Aluminium-tex
Volume 1.6/4pcs
Weight 13.6kg

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