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Product description

  • The design of the Tenues line is functional, of creating a collection of elegant and comfortable seats that are suitable for the contract areas.
  • Attention is paid to creating comfortable upholstered furniture, using wood that adds warmth, combining colours effectively and conjuring up a blend of the 50s style and Renaissance geometric patterns.
  • The vague architectural references seem in the rigour of straight lines and golden ratio become more pronounced in the seats’ backrests made of large and small arches that resemble a section of a Palladian portico or the Venetian windows.
  • The barstool has a solid beech frame, available in different colors and it is fully upholstered in leather, faux leather or fabric.
  • It is comfortable and resistant.
  • Adapts to its users and maintains good posture.
  • It is versatile, natural and beautiful, because wood will never go out of fashion.
  • It can be customized by choosing from a wide range of fabrics and wood colors.
  • Tenues is a very well worked and durable barstool with an attractive design, ideal for hotels, bars or restaurants.

Product details

Width 52
Height 85
Depth 54
Seat height 76
Frame Beech Wood
Upholstery 0.73m
Volume 0.32
Weight 7.9kg

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