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A sustainable choice

Sustainability is one of the pillars of our work at P&M Furniture.

We’ve always tried to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet their own needs. It’s our hope and effort to create a cleaner, safer and more responsible future for our children. Our interest for sustainable solutions is at the forefront of our continuous research for new technologies and alternative materials, enabling us to work together with suppliers that share our environmental vision.

Social responsibility
As furniture makers and retailers, we take our social responsibility seriously, knowing that everything we do affects the world around us. Therefore, we are continuously working with our partners to incorporate recycled materials and upholsteries into our collection.

Eco-friendly options
Since sustainability is an important aspect of our business, we are always happy to present our customers with eco-friendly recommendations, while allowing themselves to choose which products, materials and upholsteries are the most suitable for their specific situation.

High quality
As we know, one of the present global issues is related to the way we consume. The more we buy, the more is produced, with environmental consequences. That’s why we focus on products and materials with high resistance to intense wear, not only for high quality and comfort, but also from a sustainability point of view. By allowing the longer use of durable furniture, our customers can postpone a change of products, save on maintenance and replacement costs and thus reduce the environmental footprint.

Recycled items
In addition to that, we are able to offer our customers the same products they like and need, in versions that are beneficial for the planet. Some examples are Remind and Babila XL chairs (recycled grey color), made entirely from recycled plastic. And for upholsteries, we offer options made of 60-100% recycled RPET bottles, which have a lower carbon footprint, energy and water consumption, compared to the standard upholsteries.

Our involvement

Committed in sustainability

Recycled furniture available

Recycled upholstery available

Partners that share our vision

We’re looking forward to achieving our goal of sustainable development, by evaluating our processes and by joining forces with other companies that share our vision. If you want to know more, check out our blog.


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