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A hotel is not just a place to stay, it is a complete service.

We can offer complete interior solutions for hotels up to 5 stars

The competition in this branch is very high and differentiation mainly consists of the interior design and the chosen furniture. The guest’s first impression is made after seeing the entrance hall or the lobby. More and more hotels are redecorating their interiors because of the new trends and because they are trying to make their guests feel like home. Hotels that are more extravagant also include in their design exclusive lights, chandeliers, waterfalls or even green spaces full of flowers. Using a unique working method, a well-thought-out interior plan is guaranteed, so that in the long term money can be saved and yields can be optimized. Over the years, the customer’s needs and preferences were taken into consideration, by adapting both the design services and the product collection. Luxury sofas for the lobby, stylish lounge furniture, upholstered armchairs, trendy coffee tables, wardrobes and beds for the rooms, all transform the ambiance and create a nice experience.

Modular concept

As for the hotel rooms, you have the option to choose between two types of services. The first is the standard room design service, which consists of pre-designed room concepts, that can be easily implemented. These are the best options if you're looking for a fast and functional renovation process, on a fixed budget. From ideas and furniture to implementation of the design project, if you consider a fast time frame and a particular budget, we can find the perfect balance for it and capture the real beauty of the place. With P&M furniture you will have just one contact that will take care of everything, down to the smallest detail.

Hotel projects

Secondly, you could choose a custom-made concept, for which we use our own design team and work together with you on finding the best room design that suits your customer's needs. Hotel rooms that offer your guests a place to feel as comfortable as possible and have a good night's sleep. We create every concept from scratch, according to your brand and your values. This ensures that you get a unique design, that would impress your guests and make them return. We'll show you some ideas and references to get some inspiration on how you can give your customers the best experience possible. You will get an individual hotel interior that perfectly matches your identity and target group. Together we can discover all the possibilities and ideas that would suit your needs and create the perfectly tailored design for your hotel, so it can become the best version of itself, a place where your guests will want to return to.

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