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1. What is the delivery term for a product?

Usually it depends on the product you choose, but the average is 6-8 weeks. Every product has a variety of customizing ways. Creating a unique product takes time, from choosing the wood/metal color but also the color and texture of the upholstery. All the elements that are in the construction of our pieces of furniture are made to meet the requirements and the European standards and also with great attention to details.

2. Where can I find the prices?

The prices are being calculated based on the quantity and the way you want to customize the products. To get the prices just send us an email with the approximate number of products and the colors you wish to have and you will get the prices as soon as possible.

3. What color can I choose for customizing a product?

Our wide collection of professional materials offers the possibility to customize any product. You can even send your own fabric. Make your own unique and successful location.

After considering what style you would like, make sure the furniture and colors are in accordance with the locations walls and floors.

4. What are the sizes of the benches?

All of our benches are custom made, meaning that any dimension, shape or color you like we can make it. If you have an idea of the kind of bench you want, we also offer product design.

5. Do you make complete projects?

Our company has a vast experience in working on complete projects, providing general layouts, professional consulting on design concept, customizing furniture for any needs or desires and also implementation.

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