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Together we can create a functional and flexible interior design, which promotes the joy of learning and good mood among both students and teachers.

Light-weighted and flexible furnishings can increase student’s focus

A full of creativity space and uniqueness can influence the mind, helping students improve their performance and behaviour.

P&M is not only a furniture supplier but also a suitable interior partner for the educational sector. We think that better concepts for schools lead to inspiring environments and better education. That’s why we opt for solutions where educational furniture is more than just a chair and a table to work on, it is about the whole experience. The specifics of this market require modular elements, that could quickly offer variation in working methods. These are often combined with fixed pieces, that provide clarity and structure for students. The result is a practical, flexible and sustainable learning environment. The educational concepts are translated into a design perfectly suited to the working methods of the school, by creating the right layout and atmosphere. From secondary schools to universities and everything in between, we reflect our values in all the solutions we offer. We are constantly working to meet our clients’ expectations and we are continuously looking for ways to support and stimulate educational innovation.

Our expertise in higher education schools and universities enables us to create inspiring and attractive environments, that are appealing to students and make them want to choose you as their education provider. Besides, our experience in the hospitality industry helps us create interiors that resemble a comfortable and cosy learning environment, which looks more like a hotel or restaurant lobby and less like a classroom.

Our strength lies in the fact that we can help you create a nice and inspiring interior by supporting you with our team of specialists. Our design team can create a complete interior with matching furniture and custom-made items, which are unique for your educational location. Over the past decades, we have completed many wonderful projects in cooperation with our customers, below you can see a selection of them. Our sales department is always available for consultation on the possibilities that are best suited for your educational location.

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