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Conference and Banqueting

Furniture and materials that harmoniously fit all types of events, from the fun side of dreamy banqueting rooms to the official side of business conference rooms.

Interiors that tell a story

Defining a conference room or an event space with personalized furniture,
which serves your guest's needs and provides all the right solutions.

Our selection of stylish professional furniture allows you to configure a luxuriant ballroom or a very professional and functional meeting room. We offer various models of stackable chairs, foldable tables in different sizes and other specific pieces of furniture. Choose the style, size, shape, finish, materials, to complement the space or we can choose it for you. A special event in someone’s life requires a dynamic interior design and the impact it has over the guests is huge.

Their entire celebration depends on the setting of the event room, it is important that the design expresses joy and a good mood. A wedding room design also requires ideal lighting, crystal chandeliers with a spectacular look that can transform the interior into something magical. We can create from big event interiors that are truly memorable to a fully functional and impressive conference room. You choose it.

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