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The main design idea for healthcare interiors revolves around patients.

A cosy atmosphere and comfortable products help you deliver the best care

Attention to detail and careful material selection can influence the interior design
in a way that transmits a secure and soothing feeling.

Specially designed products for healthcare facilities and custom-made interiors can make guests and residents feel welcomed and comfortable. Aesthetics has become more and more important over the years for this market. A deep understanding of the needs and wishes is required, patient care and comfort are priorities. P&M furniture is highly experienced in this type of project. We could help you with the entire process.

With the right furniture and design, the experience for everyone will become more welcoming and pleasant. During hard times, people want to feel safe and we can offer that secure feeling with a fully custom-made interior. With one experienced contact person from P&M furniture, who will take care of everything and guide you, you don’t have to worry about sourcing for reliable partners, project management or implementation.

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