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Product description

    • Exclusive and contemporary seating, Nordic style rich in the details and finishes, studied to last in time.
    • Armchair with solid beech wood frame, and plywood seat.
    • Fits perfectly with any type of decoration.
    • It is comfortable and resistant.
    • It’s price is very economical.
    • It is manufactured by professionals and with the latest market technologies.
    • Easy to maintain and repair.
    • Adapts to its users and maintains good posture.
    • It is versatile, natural and beautiful, because wood will never go out of fashion.
    • It can be customized by choosing from a wide range of wood colors.
    • Despite its apparent simplicity Bette, this wooden chair, very well worked and durable, has a special and very attractive design, it is pleasing to the eye.

    Product details

    Width 56
    Height 71
    Depth 54
    Seat height 47
    Frame Beech Wood
    Volume 0.3
    Weight 7.5kg

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