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Product description

  • New chair collection, for hospitality industry which includes a high stool, a medium stool and of course the chair.
  • Manufactured in a metallic steel structure, which supports any polyester paint finish, it also has a highly exclusive upholstery.
  • The Fabian chair collection is upholstered in quadrants, and with a perimeter cord, which gives it a very comfortable design and, more importantly, a great novelty in the hospitality chairs industry.
  • It is designed to cover the market for restaurant chairs,
  • A concept of chairs that needs comfort and convenience, the customer ends up spending hours enjoying their food, and in many cases the comfort of the upholstered chair is sought.
  • With the new Fabian collection of chairs for the hospitality industry, we can enjoy a more modern and current chair, which provides a plus in local decoration.

Product details

Frame Steel
Upholstery 1m

Available options


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