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Product description

  • Inspired by the "Windsor chair"
  • A Windsor chair is a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs, where the back legs and the uprights of the back are continuous.
  • The seats of Windsor chairs were often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape for comfort. Traditionally, the legs and uprights were usually turned on a pole lathe. The back and sometimes the arm pieces (if arms are present) are formed from steam bent pieces of wood.
  • Beech wood frame coated with polyurethane lacquer for intense wear.
  • Available in a wide range of wood colors.

Product details

Width 56
Height 97
Depth 51
Seat height 46
Frame Beech wood
Volume 0.36 cbm
Weight 7.8 kg
3D Model Yes
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