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Product description

  • Fesarius C Table Base has a slim Ø4.5cm steel tube column and an iron Ø18x23cm base.
  • Black powder coated - Iron base with cover and iron plate for floor fixing
  • Comes in a variety of finishes both for indoor and outdoor.
  • Fesarius C table base comes in three heights 45/73/110cm and suits a variety of custom table tops, max. Ø60cm
  • Fesarius H45cm - suits a  max. Ø40/42x42cm top, Fesarius H73cm - suits a max. Ø60/60x60cm top, and for Fesarius H110cm - suits  a max. Ø60/60x60cm top
  • Table top non included, but can be ordered separately
  • Disassembled

Product details

Height 45/73/110cm
Base Ø18x23cm
Material Iron
Unassembled yes

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