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White Stone Side Table

Product description

  • Side tables with solid oak frame separated into three legs which give it extra balance and support
  • Pure marble tabletop which is distinct in quality and specially polished to exude luxury.
  • This perfect combination of natural materials, oak and marble blends harmoniously with any environment.
  • These stunning coffee tables comes in no less than three sizes.
             S:  32×45 cm (Ø x H)
             M: 40×40 cm (Ø x H)
             L:  50×32 cm (Ø x H)

  • Maximum weight load: 10 kg 
  • The 15 mm thick marble top is also very robust and easy to clean.
  • Please be aware that this item has to be assembled. The assembling instructions are included.

Product details

Material Solid Oak Frame
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