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Product description

  • Installation of the panels and frames and personal finish in brief
  • Installation of the panels is very easy via the Drop-in or Nail-up system.
  • At the Drop-in system, the ceiling panels in a grid of 60 x 60 cm placed and fixed with the supplied clips. The grid can be optionally placed on color by means of painting or spraying.
  • The Nail-up system is all easy to use, the panels are simply put, by means of mounting or tacker shooting nails on a wooden surface or sheet material such as gypsum, MDF or plywood. 
  • The dimensions of the panels when applying the Nail-up system is approximately 62 x 62 cm, the panels have an overlap of about 7 mm.
  • The thickness of the panels and frames is about 0.25 mm.

Product details

Width 62
Height 62

Available options

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