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Hotel furniture

124 products :
124 products :
P&M furniture is a family business from The Netherlands and we have also earned the recognition as one of the biggest furniture supplier in the contract industry around Europe. We are the appointed supplier for a wide spectrum of business partners, catering needs for luxury hotels and restaurants. We provide a one-stop service from initial planning, to defining customized styles and designs, production and finally delivery the unique pieces to your doorstep.

As a P&M furniture customer you’ll enjoy the many advantages of dealing direct with a specialist; including design expertise, cost savings and reduced lead times.

Whenever you visit a hotel, the first thing you remember is the hotel’s interior design and interior furnishings. People are drawn to warm, modern and chic interiors that make them feel welcomed. It’s all about the style you choose for your project! The contract furniture needs to be functional and appealing with a low maintenance level. The décor should be exclusive and suggestive for your clients. With so many aspects to take into consideration you need a professional company who can design, manufacture and provide all these ongoing services. You will have more time on your hands to promote your business or to train your employee while we deliver the turn key project. 

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