Decorating your Horeca business for Christmas

A lot of people go out to dinner in the Holiday time, so prepare in advance.

Either you hire professionals to decorate your restaurant/bar/hotel or if you can’t afford it, you can do it very easily having some ideas to start with.

When we think about Christmas, we have in mind a happy, cozy and inviting feeling. This is the atmosphere you want to pass on to your customers.

Further, we are going to make a list with the most important decorations you have to keep in mind.

1. The must-have for Christmas is the tree. It is the most representative thing. You can be creative and make it out of bottles if it is a bar, or for a more fancy restaurant made out of champagne glasses. If you want to keep it simple, just buy one and personalize it with all sorts of ornaments.



2. Use the representative colors: red, green and white. Maybe add them to the staff uniforms or just let them wear Santa caps.


3. Attract new customers by decorating the entrance with wreath and twinkle lights and maybe give them also a glass of wine.



4. The napkins can get an interesting shape, for example, a tree just like in the picture below.


5. Lights are essential for Christmas, so you can be very creative regarding what to decorate with them. The twinkle lights can go on flowers, windows or in the garden creating a beautiful path.



6. If we are talking about a restaurant, even the food can have different shapes to get people in the Christmassy mood.



Snowflakes, stars, centerpieces, pillows, different ornaments can transform your Horeca business into an inviting, welcoming and full of customers place.



All of the objects you buy this year you can reuse the following years over and over again so it’s going to save you money.

Making this effort, you will see that your customers will be satisfied and they will know where to go for a good Christmas atmosphere.