How does design influence the success of your hotel?

A hotel that attracts new customers and makes old ones to come back is the one that has invested on all levels, especially on the design. Fortunately, the dark hotel rooms, the old furniture and the desolate look are long gone.

Now your customers are looking for original experiences, comfort, relax and more or less pampering. A hotel is not just a place to spend the night, but a complete service. In this industry, the competition is quite fierce, and the main way to differentiate yourself is through HoReCa furniture and design.

Fleming’s Express Hotel – Frankfurt, Germany

Why do we put so much emphasis on appearance? Because it’s the first thing customers notice. Before calling to book a room, they search for images on the internet, to see the space.

In addition, there are guests who come directly to the hotel to find out if there is a free room and ask to see it, to decide if they stay here or keep looking.

We will show you some ideas and references, to see the new trends and how you can offer your customers the best possible experience, starting from the design.

– Keep the theme of the place alive, if it has one. For example, if your hotel is located by the sea, use light, natural colors, maybe even shades of navy, blue and green. The design must tell the story of the place, and the traditional elements outline the concept. Of course, the secret is to keep a balance between these thematic elements and the rest of the details.

Ibis Styles – Almere, Netherland

– The latest trends in hotel furniture feature simple lines and a modern, even minimalist design. Are used vivid, powerful colors, but also neutral and natural shades are favorite. Elegant and modern furniture is preferable, which easily integrates into the ambiance.

Hotel Bodenmaiser-Hof Bodenmais, Germany

For example, Wardrobe A is a simple, perfect piece of furniture for hotel rooms and can be 100% customized.

And for beds we recommend upholstered headboards, because they offer comfort and a luxuriant look, and a hotel room should inspire this.

W Hotel designed by Studio Gaia. Photography by Mark Knight

– If space allows, place comfortable chairs or armchairs in the room, next to the window. Between the chairs you can place a coffee table, chic and practical at the same time.

Hotel Silva – Timisoara, Romania

If the most of your guests are from the business area, place a desk in the hotel room, such as Hotel Desk D.


– We return to the idea of ​​pampering and remind of the importance of balconies and terrace furniture. Surely your guests will enjoy a balcony of their own, from where they can admire the view or simply disconnect. Place furniture with a special design, resistant to UV rays and climate changes.

Zante Maris Suites, Greece

– The lobby is just as important as the hotel rooms. Comfortable armchairs and sofas are a must-have because your guests may be tired after the trip and need to relax.
Hotels and lobbies become more interesting if there are green plants and warm, pleasant lights placed.

Intercity Hotel, Wuppertal, Germany

– We don’t neglect the hotel restaurant either, being just as important. Its design sometimes says more than the dishes, weighing heavily in the eyes of your customers.

Customer’s favorites are the upholstered chairs, made of solid wood, around tables for 4 people.

Hotel HUUS Gstaad – Switzerland

Ideal would be a mix of trendy items, that match each other. The perfect mix of hotel furniture, colors, lights and style makes guests feel welcome and think of your hotel as a memorable experience to return to.